Through principal based recovery, New Found Family assists individuals and families in achieving total life recovery.

During our program's 17-year history, we have seen hundreds of people who have maintained lasting recovery.  We promote the concept that a person’s success is directly influenced by how much he or she puts into their own Recovery.

One of the keys to our success is Direct Accountability, where every member has access to a Sponsor.  Our program promotes men sponsoring men and women sponsor women.  Each sponsee can contact his or her sponsor via telephone, text message, e-mail, or in a face-to-face session.  Sessions are not limited to a weekly appointment, but on an as-needed basis.  Especially with a new sponsee, this will be crucial in helping a person who is just starting their Recovery Journey.


We never charge any person for our services as a sponsor.  This program was freely given to us and that is how we pass it along to others.  Each sponsor has a vested interest in a sponsee’s success, because we realize our own, personal Recovery Journey is strengthened when we practice the principles and share them with others.


When a person is tempted towards a lapse in their Recovery (or has a relapse), the sponsor holds the sponsee accountable and then encourages the person to resume their Recovery Journey.  We realize some people will not be successful on their first attempt at Recovery.  We accept the person and will help guide them back towards Recovery.  However, we also accept that we each have a Daily Reprieve.  Every person’s Recovery is their own responsibility.  We cannot force someone to accept or maintain their Journey.


One of our core beliefs is Long-Term Recovery.  A12-Step Program, by its very definition, implies there is a Destination, much like climbing the stairs.  Once you are at the top, you are done.  Our program has 12-Life Principles with an emphasis of Life-Long Recovery.  We believe that the only time a person should stop attending meetings is when they are called Home to Heaven.


Even people who have moved out of the area are still attending meetings via Facebook and they maintain constant contact with their sponsor via telephone, text or e-mail.


  • Adults - Children and Adolescents - Deaf and Hearing Impaired persons - Entrepreneurs - Parents or Caregivers - People in broken marriages or relationships - Widows - Victims of Crime - Victims of Sexual Abuse - Victims of Domestic Violence - Veterans and others suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


  • Support Groups - Adult Recovery Meetings - Teen Recovery Meetings - Adult Individual Mentorship - Adolescents Individual Mentorship - Family and Relational Mentoring - Evaluation and Discovery of Self - Referrals for Professional Services - Broadcasting of Recovery Meetings - Certified ASL Interpreters for Deaf Participants


  • Chemical Dependency - Addiction - Prescription Pill Abuse - Emotional Distress - Financial Distress - Relational Crisis - Marital Issues - Depression - Low or No Self Esteem - Anger Issues - Or Any Unhealthy Pattern of Living...